Thyme In The Kitchen

Thyme In The Kitchen is owned by Natasha, a London based professional chef. Natasha wanted to share her love of food via recipes and online classes on her website. Not only does she cater for adults, she also offers classes for children and regular shares tips and tricks on her Instagram feed.

Here are some screenshots of the website I created for her…

  • Charly King | Bespoke website design for Thyme In The Kitchen
  • Charly King | Bespoke website design for Thyme In The Kitchen
  • Charly King | Bespoke website design for Thyme In The Kitchen

The main aim of the new website was to provide a recipe bank as such, where Natasha could share her recipes and build an online following.

When Natasha approached me, she didn’t have a website in place but was on Instagram and had ideas on how to better offer her services online. Natasha had spent a great deal of time preparing her branding and had her logo, colour scheme and patterns all ready to go.

I used Natasha’s design assets to put together a bold and vibrant website design, one that was a true reflection of her personality and brand. I feel the vibrant colours make the design eye catching and unlike many other recipe websites i’ve seen.

As Natasha’s main expertise was providing classes, it was important to showcase this service and all her the classes she had on offer. At the time, Covid was in full force yet that didn’t stop Natasha offering online cooking classes to her clients. Natasha also offers classes to children and it was lovely to be able to include her family in the websites photography.

Natasha later came up with the idea of making her own tasty snacks which she was able to sell directly via her website. I integrated WooCommerce in this instance which allows Natasha to manage her products, stock levels and orders directly within her WordPress Dashboard.

Thyme In The Kitchen has become a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their cookery skills, or those looking for a tasty snack.

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