My top tools for freelancers

I have been freelancing for many years and I am always on the look out for tools to make life easier and my day more effective. Here are my favourite freelancer tools and resources.

Project Management

If you get a lot of requests from clients, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Rather than let those little requests slip through the net, keep them all in one place.

ClickUp is an online project management tool which allows you to track projects from start to finish and has a range of pricing plans for free, individuals and enterprises. It supports time tracking, task management and the ability to work with other team members.

What I love most about the ClickUp app is the UX – it just works and looks beautiful too. I must admit, this is something I am very picky with. I love websites and programs that look pretty but do a damn good job too. I have seen lots of content management tools that look like nothing more than a boring spreadsheet – this is why I love ClickUp so much.

Something else that makes ClickUp stand out is their pricing. Unlike many other companies, you don’t have to buy a minimum amount of seats. There’s nothing more frustrating that having to pay for 5 seats just to use a tool, when there is just you. It’s expensive and frankly unnecessary. The functionality you get for a basic plan also outshines other providers.

If you’re a freelancer working either alone, or as part of a team – ClickUp will be a great tool for managing your work more effectively.



Many years ago, I used to manage my invoices manually and to be honest… it became a bit of a headache. People don’t always pay on time and it can be hard to keep track of things if you’re issuing lots of invoices throughout the month.

Now I use Freshbooks to manage my invoices and its made life much easier. Not only can you set up one off invoices, you can also set recurring invoices. This is perfect for someone like me who has hosting clients and retainers each month – I set them up once and they are taken care of automatically each month.

Struggle with late payers? No problem, Freshbooks automatically sends out reminders and can be setup to charge late fees if required. Spend less time sending invoices and more time getting paid with Freshbooks!


Most devices come with email apps built in automatically… and they are usually pretty good. The only problem I find with these are that they are a bit bland and well… uninspiring to look at and use.

I recently moved over to Spark Email and absolutely love it. It is only available on Apple devices at the moment but I am an Apple lover so I am in my element!

It has a really clean, user friendly interface and is just a pleasure to use. They have an app which you can use on your devices and it sync everything so you don’t need to worry about adding all your accounts on different devices – sweet!

Not only does Spark look good and work well… it does come with some cool features too. These features include a smart inbox which only notifies you of important emails… you won’t be getting hassled with random spam emails and newsletters. It also has smart search, email snoozing, reminders and the ability to send emails later.

Accepting Money On The Go

Have you ever had a client want to pay you by card but not had the means to accept it? Instead of an awkward wonder down to the cashpoint, why not invest in a credit card machine?

SumUp offer a small, but very flashy looking credit card reader that will allow you to accept payments on the go. It links up with your phone and you can either insert a card at the top, or use it contactless. There is no fixed monthly fee, however you do need to pay a small amount upfront for your reader – usually around £15 – £20. In regards to fees, they charge only 1.69% per transaction which is much less than other providers on the market.

If you would like to take payments on the go, get yourself a SumUp Reader today. You can use this link to get a discount (currently £14) on your reader.


If you’re anything like me as a Freelancer, you tend to live in the moment and see where life takes you. Whilst that is a nice way to live sometimes, we mustn’t forget to plan ahead for retirement. When I thought about setting up a pension, one of the biggest put offs for me was having to commit to a specific payment amount or schedule when I didn’t have a guaranteed income.

I found Penfold and they were the perfect fit for me. Not only can I stop and start my pension to suit, I can change the amount I pay in each month to align with my income. Being able to make one off payments whenever I wanted was a plus, sometimes it’s nice to put extra away if you have a particularly good month or get a bonus. If you want flexibility and convenience, Penfold is the perfect way to save up for your future.

Please note: whilst this blog does feature referrral links, these are genuine reviews from my experience.